Private Sessions Available – Classes On Hold

Until the latest round of Covid surges slow, our Kingfit coaches are only taking 1-on-1 session requests. Work out with us in the equipment-loaded EKF (Clark/Ridge) or schedule a private session in the open air at Senn Park, where we’ll bring all the equipment needed. Whether you’re just trying to get fit or want to train to compete via White Collar Boxing or Amateur competitions, you’ll be learning from certified and insured trainers that are experienced champs who put safety first and deliver the smart way to box.

Private Coaching Prices (Boxing, Kickboxing, Kettlebell, Functional Training and More):

1-4 60-minute sessions: $70/per session or 30-minute sessions: $40/per session

5-9 60-minute sessions: $60/per session or 30-minute sessions: $35/per session

10-19 60-minute sessions: $50/per session or 30-minute sessions: $30/per session

20+ sessions $40/per session or 30-minute sessions: $25/per session

Email us at or call/text 312.857.6770 for more info or to book a session

Join BoxSmart For A Wholistic Boxing Approach

BoxSmart offers members like you a safe step-by-step approach to Boxing for all ages and experience levels. Learn beginning to advanced boxing techniques from certified boxers, personal trainers, Golden Glove winners and coaches while following science-backed flexibility, strength and power routines to keep you balanced and healthy. Created by a triple certified personal trainer/boxer/ref/coach, BoxSmart is your guide to getting in great shape whether you’re just trying to lose weight or win the Golden Gloves in 2019.

You won’t find a better team in your corner! Fill out this quick form or email Andrew at to get started!


Group Classes: $15-$30

Semi Private (2-3 Students): $20-$40

Private Instruction: $40-$70/hour

KingFit’s Personal Training Portal – With Exercises and Articles to Keep You Healthy

KingFit’s Personal Training Portal – With Exercises and Articles to Keep You Healthy

Trying to enjoy the Sun before it runs away? Enjoy as much time as you can outside, wear sunblock and stay hydrated. How easy is that? To keep your body in optimal shape, make sure to work out smart, not just tough. I have added an easy to follow exercise program that may work for you. A few of the articles will also highlight helpful exercises. If you want advice on progressing or regressing the exercises below, email me at

Boxing 101 – Fridays at 5:30pm – Blockhead Fitness (North Ave and Larabee) – $15

Spend your early Saturday night learning to fight! If you love your Cardio Kickboxing class but want to learn proper technique, join a certified and insured boxing instructor for this fast-paced and exhausting intro! We will be meeting at a personal training studio with a large MMA room perfect for this event.

What to Expect:
5:30pm-5:45pm – Dynamic Warm-up to prepare musculoskeletal system for strikes
5:45pm-6pm – Core Circuit to burn calories and increase core strength and power – essential to increasing power and strength of strikes
6pm-6:30pm – Boxing Fundamentals and Circuits – Get ready to sweat as you learn punches, combos, counters, and more. (Please bring your own boxing wraps, available at any sports store. We have some extra, but they might be gross. You can buy new ones for $5)
6pm-6:40pm – Cool-Down and Stretching will help decrease soreness and help keep muscles long and tone.


Please let Andrew know if you have any injuries or painful joints/muscles before the class